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God Is Our Hiding Place

20120914-214405.jpgActions speak louder than words.

And sometimes, when actions speak so loudly, it’s hard to find words to say anyway.

But there is one place where all the words we will ever need have already been recorded for us, and in times such as these, turning to those words is the most powerful thing we can do.

Do you have your go-to verses? The words that have spoken to you so strongly through your years of faith that they pop into your head whenever you face troubling times?

We all should have them. The fact that we don’t always reflect on them before we act is the reason why grace is our only means of salvation. The fact that I have them but still let anxiety get the best of me is something I’m still working on.

I think we all should write a book with the title “Verses I Am Glad I Have Read.” Better still, I think we all should memorize the verses that would go in our book by that title. My time would be better spent on such a task than many of the mindless things I do during a day. And when actions speak louder than words, then those verses could be louder still.

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid” (John 14:27 KJV).

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Every Moment Blessings

Blooming Rose  This past Mother’s Day weekend, I got a real opportunity to stop and smell the roses.  Well, since I was on some acreage in Shep, Texas, (which is outside of Abilene, for those who don’t know) it was more like the opportunity to smell the cacti flowers and wildflowers I couldn’t identify.

Still, roses or Indian brush, the ability to be out in nature among bright blue skies, fluffly, white clouds overhead, only the sounds of our feet crunching in the dry grass and the insects buzzing, was a rare opportunity that I truly relished.  Even though the creek on the property where we were walking was still quite dry, it still offered tranquil moments as it gurgled.  With the family gathered around me, it was truly a wonderful day.

God’s blessings sneak up on us just like my lazy Sunday.  I didn’t really plan to get to walk around on land that once was the site of a Butterfield Stage route stop, viewing carvings in rock from the late 1800s where travelers literally left a mark on their ways further West.  Looking at dead trees lying crumpled in pieces, wild grasses re-claiming them, at fully-canopied trees reaching out over the water, casting shadows that promised a cool breeze away from the bright sun, my whole world was condensed into each, full breath.  For that moment, at least, all was peace.

How often am I too busy to take those full breaths in my day-to-day life?  And yet, God’s blessings are there for me to notice and enjoy every day–in the smile of a stranger, in the good news from the doctor, in the door being held open for me, in the call from a good friend.  Sometimes, those blessings are more like the ability to remain standing when life presents you with some devastating news or the near-miss in your car that keeps you out of an accident.

Regardless, God’s blessings come so hard and fast that we really should take time each day to stop and count them.  Some people do this through a thankfulness journal at the end of each day.  Others do it through prayer.  But what if we faced each day living every moment in full awareness of God’s current blessing?  Would we be cocooned like I felt on that homestead in Winters, regardless of the challenges of day-to-day living?  Think about what wonderful things we might accomplish for Him surrounded by such awareness.

This state of being is easier said than done, but anything worth doing takes great effort.  And, of course, we can be assured that God will help us in the doing as well.  Just another every moment blessing!